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Lil Rippers

Lil Rippers

Lil Rippers

The Lil Ripper program, at the Ottawa Kayak School, is designed for promising up-and-coming children aged 8-12 who want to take their whitewater abilities to the next level. 


This week-long program (arrival Sunday evening) will take children with a roll and a basic understanding of whitewater and help them step up their game.


Freestyle coaching on some of the Ottawa river’s world-class whitewater, opportunities to learn essential whitewater rescue skills, river reading and line selection, injury prevention, goal setting, and competition preparation. 


Lil Rippers also have to engage in daily diary writing reviews to help improve writing and self-reflection skills, all while having a ton of good old-fashioned fun. 


NOTE: Lil Ripper participants must be supervised by a parent or guardian in the evenings.

Lil Rippers

$ 999
  • Sunday Arrival
  • All Meals Included
  • Stayover Package Included

Locals Rate

$ 799
  • Sunday Arrival
  • Lunches Only
  • No Stayover Package